Make your eyes larger and more expressive

Image:© nyul / Fotolia

Having mesmerizing, expressive eyes is every woman’s dream and one of the reasons behind the existence of decorative cosmetics. When trying to visually reshape your eyes, makeup is your best ally as long as you keep in mind that black and dark colors make the eye look smaller. If you wish to optically enlarge your eyes add eye shadows beginning at the inner corner and working outward eventually using darker tones as you near the outer corner. Use lighter and darker nuances of the same color for best results.

Step one – the choice

Select a light neutral color of shades. For example, walnut or honey color for darker skin and gray tones for a paler complexion.

Step two – defining the guidelines

Look in the mirror and using your finger as a guideline place it horizontally to the point where the peak of the fold of your lid meets the brow bone. Add eye shadows only to the area below your finger.

Step three – the method

The brush that you use to apply eye shadow should be soft and flat. Apply shadows with horizontal strokes following the guideline of your finger.

Step four – application

You can paint outside the boundaries of your eye toward the outer corner, but keep within the guidelines determined by your finger. Blend all nuances smoothly to avoid creating contrast and looking like a clown.

Step five – the finishing touch

There should be no great difference where the eye shadows end and the skin on your temples begins. If there is a contrast, do your best to blend the shades as close to your skin as possible. If you do this right, you will create the illusion of bigger and wider eyes.


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