Makeup as a gift (part one)

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Buying yourself a new lipstick or mascara is a great therapy, but makeup is also a good idea when you are picking out a gift for a girlfriend. If you want to surprise the woman who is always so quick to give you a shoulder to cry on, here is a list of makeup suggestions according to their rating.

First place: Face powder – the basic element

Face powder can brighten the complexion, hide enlarged pores or small wrinkles, sculpt the face or remove the shine of the oily skin. Yet the best quality of face powder is protecting of the skin from harmful environmental hazards and not allowing dirt and pollutants to clog the pores. Give your friend a nice, pretty powder brush, because face powder is better applied with a brush than a sponge applicator.

Second place: Lipstick – the school of seduction

Full soft lips always look so sexy. There are many lipsticks that along with visually enlarging the lips also moisturize them and add extra shine, making them even more tempting. Good lipsticks contain vitamins and moisturizing elements and are suitable for sensitive lips. Before buying lipstick for your friend make sure that she is not allergic to any of the ingredients or buy one of a brand  you have seen her use before.

Third place: Concealer – the secret weapon

The concealer is truly the woman’s best ally. It can help you out in desperate situations, hiding your pimples, freckles or signs of fatigue. It is a great gift, but you have to be sure that your friend uses foundation regularly, because concealer is applied only over or under the foundation. Choose concealers which do not contain fats, because otherwise they will facilitate the formation of blackheads. Many of the quality concealers contain tea tree oil or other anti-bacterial agents.

Fourth place: Foundation – the must-have

Foundation is the base for all makeup. It enlivens your face color, evens out the surface of your skin and covers up small imperfections. Oily skin can take advantage of the foundations with a matting effect. Mixed skin types should use liquid foundations and dry skin should seek out foundations with a thick, velvety texture. You can also buy foundation with toning, nourishing or lifting components.

Coloring particles in the foundation can seep deep into the pores and clog the outlets of the sebaceous glands. This can have some unpleasant consequences for the oily skin, so if your friend has this skin type, you should either select her foundation more carefully or go for another present altogether.



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