Makeup as a gift (part two)


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Fifth place: Blush – the effect of innocence

Rosy cheeks are an excellent way to attract attention. They give you a healthy look and a fresh appearance. Just like foundations, there are different kinds of blushes with different ingredients and textures: creamy, liquid, gel, powder or compact. The right choice will depend on the style and skin type of your friend. If her skin is oily, get her powder blush. The most suitable variety for normal and dry skin is the creamy or liquid blush. Also, blush can be applied not only to the cheekbones but to the forehead, temples and chin in order to optically reshape the face.

Sixth place: Mascara – the angel wing lashes

The good mascara can turn the eyelashes into true acrobats, enlarging them, elongating them or curling them beautifully backwards. Waterproof mascaras are suitable for pool and sauna lovers. Health-fanatics who must have their daily jog regardless of the weather, should wear moisture-proof mascara, while ladies who prefer the indoors can only wear clear gel mascara in order to create the wet lashes effect. Mascaras have complex chemical ingredients and can cause allergic reactions in some women. If your friend is prone to allergies, you should find her a hypoallergenic mascara. This will surely be appreciated.

Seventh place: Eye shadows – the harmonizer

Day, evening or party makeup is not a problem for those who are not afraid to experiment with colors, textures and shine. Here is where you can let your imagination soar. The more colors in the pallet, the better. Eye shadows can be creamy, powder or liquid and all of these varieties are fun to use. Make sure to take into account your friend’s color preferences.

Eighth place: Eyeliner – the graphic designer of the eye

Many women can’t imagine their makeup without eyeliner. When buying eyeliner for your friend you have to make sure that it is hypoallergenic and easy to remove. You should be especially careful if your friend likes to highlight the inner corner of her eye, because the risk of irritation and allergic reactions is greater in this sensitive area.


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