Makeup for dry skin

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Having dry skin is no longer an excuse for looking negligent. Today your skin can look fresh and healthy even if it is of the dry type. This of course takes a lot of effort and tender care, but there are some tricks you can utilize to your advantage.

The main steps to a fresh look

– Exfoliating. Removing the dead cells evens out the complexion. Scrub your face, lips and neck area.

– Hydration. Especially for dry skin, hydration is a must. However, refrain from using overly greasy products, because they clog the pores.

Makeup style. Use makeup especially designed for dry skin and start applying it from the center of the face outward.

Foundation. Use liquid foundation with light-reflecting particles. It will make your complexion look natural.

Concealer. Choose liquid or cream concealer. You can use it to cover up spots or scars on your skin, but do not use it for hiding dark circles. The color of your concealer should be a tone lighter than your foundation.

– Use cream eye shadows and liquid eyeliner for your eye makeup.

The blush should also be creamy.

– Refrain from using face powder, because it highlights the dryness and further dries out the skin.

– Use lip balm for your lips and if you are applying lipstick, apply it over the balm. Use moisturizing lipsticks and glosses.

Tiny tips

– Use only makeup for dry skin.
– Before applying the makeup, hydrate your skin with a moisturizing lotion and give it a few minutes to get absorbed. This will soften it and make it more susceptible to treatment.
– Scrubbing the skin once a weak helps with the better absorption of nourishing and hydrating products.
– For the eye area use only special products designed particularly for it.
– Apply blush with a brush applicator. This way you are using less and creating a more natural effect.
– Use the pink nuances of blush if your skin has a pink or bluish undertone. If your skin’s undertone is yellow, go for the peach nuances.

Choose the right product

– Choose products that will be able to cover up the defects of your skin.
– Make sure that the cosmetics you are using have water in their ingredients.
– Fruit based water containing lotions are recommended for you, especially if melon is listed among the ingredients.
– Since your skin is dry, you will have to use water-based or fat-based decorative cosmetics, too. Avoid matting products and products that do not contain fats.
– Do not use face powder, not even the contact variety.


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