Makeup for every day

Image:© Andrey Kiselev/Fotolia

Everyday makeup differs from the evening makeup or the makeup for a special occasion in that, that it has to look natural.

To create your day makeup first apply powder or foundation starting at the innermost corner of the eyes and spreading it with your index finger, striving to blend it with your skin as much as possible. Cover the small defects and blemishes of your skin with a concealer and spread the rest of your foundation over your whole face and neck. Always strive to use the smallest amount possible and look as close to natural as you can manage.

If necessary clean the eyebrows by removing all hairs outside of the desired line. Highlight you eyebrows with a special eyebrow pencil and use an eyebrow brush to comb them back and up, being careful to preserve their natural look. Trace the eyes with a pencil eyeliner in a suitable color.

Apply eye shadows in a neutral color over your eyelids and a darker shade of the same color above the fold of the lid. There should be no great contrast between the two tones.

Apply mascara to your lashes in order to lengthen them, thicken them or give them more volume.

Apply blush to your cheekbones with quick upward strokes.

Finally apply lipstick. It is recommended that you choose a color a tone darker than the natural tone of your lips. First trace the lips with a lip liner in the same color. Blend the lipstick and lip liner with a lip brush in order to make your lips look more natural. As a final touch use some gloss to make your lips look full and attractive. Or you can forgo the lipstick and just use a little bit of clear lip gloss.


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