Makeup for ladies with dark complexion

Image:© MartiniDry/Fotolia

Women with darker skin should use golden beige face powder one tone darker than their complexion. Use an even darker tone over the most prominent parts of the cheekbones. The foundation should definitely be of the kind that has nourishing properties.

If you have dark eyes and you think they need emphasizing, use brown or light-brown pencil or liquid eyeliner and silver-beige, beige or light-brown eye-shadows. Apply the shadows with patting motions, without rubbing.

Start by applying shadows to the inner corner of the eye. Secondly, cover the eyelid and follow with the outer corner of the eye and the area just below the eyebrow. The shades on the lower eyelid are applied last.

The shades used on the inner corner of the eye should be silvery beige. They will optically enlarge the eye making it look more “open”. Use beige nuances immediately beneath the eyebrows and gradually blend them with the almond-shaped light-brown tones used on the lid.

The eyebrow contour must be perfect because the eyebrows are the detail that makes up your whole expression. Underline them with a brown pencil and use brown volume mascara for your lashes.

Now you look like a perfect oriental beauty.


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