Makeup to go with the shape and color of your eyes

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Here are some techniques for applying makeup that correspond with the different shapes and colors of the eyes.

Hollow eyes

If your eyes are hollow or deep set, the shadows you use should be in pale, light tones. This way your eyes will look larger and more open. Apply shadows to your upper lid beginning at the inner corner and working outward. The lightest shades should be placed in the center of the lid. You can apply shades in a slightly darker tone to the area above the fold.

Eyes that are far apart

The distance between the eyes can be optically reduced by applying darker shades from the outer corner to the middle of the lid. Lighter tones should be applied from the middle to the inner corner of the lid. You can afford to combine several colors close to the middle of the lid.

Eyes which are too close together

The application of makeup for you should begin by applying a little bit of concealer around the outer corners of your eyes. After this underline the edge of the upper lashes with a thin line of liquid eyeliner that thickens as you advance toward the outer corner of the lid. Choose soft nuances of eye shadows and apply a thin layer of them to the inner corner of the eyes all the way to the middle of the lid. The area from the mid lid outward is preserved for the darker shades. Blend the two tones in the middle of the eyelid. You are allowed to apply more mascara to the outer corners of the lashes.

Drooping eyes

The trick is to optically lift your eyes lies with the proper application of eye shadows. Apply the eye makeup with strokes directed upward and out. Add some eyeliner close to the line of the lashes and blend it with the eye shadows on the outer 2/3 of the lid, drawing it outward. You must use thickening mascara.

Asian eyes

Everyone knows what Asian eyes look like and here is how you can make them even more beautiful. The first step is to apply eye shadow to the lid. Step two: draw a thick line along the edge of the upper lashes with a pencil eyeliner. Apply a thinner line below the lower lashes. Apply brown shadows below your eyebrows in order to optically widen the eye. Finally, cover your lashes with two layers of thick mascara.

Glasses with colorful frames

If you prefer that your glasses are with a colorful frame, then colorful makeup is not recommended. In this case it is better to accentuate on the eyelashes and highlight them. The best product you can use is volume mascara.

Those who prefer horn-rimmed glasses should take some extra time to make sure that their eyebrows are in good shape and highlight them with an eyebrow pencil if necessary. The important thing here is that your eyes and eyebrows are the most noticeable feature, not your glasses.

The secret of big eyes

It is true that dark eye shadows make your eyes look smaller and more deeply set, while the soft tones make them appear larger and more open. If you are trying to optically enlarge your eyes, use shadows in lighter, paler tones. If before you do that you trace the eye with a pencil or liquid eyeliner your eyes will get a dreamy look. If you want to make your eyes look more dramatic, apply eyeliner after you have applied the shadows. Then curl the lashes and shape them with the mascara. Use thickening or volume mascara in order to make your lashes look fuller. This will also enlarge the eyes.


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