Night skincare

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Under skincare we understand all those efforts we make to her good condition – cleaning and recovery procedures, the application of nourishing masks, visiting of beauty salons. But beauty has another side – we could call it dark because it is happening in the darkened part of the day. Between 11 pm and 4 am occurs the peak in the renewal of skin cells and the ingredients in the cosmetics are absorbed most fully. But only if at that time we are in the embrace of sleep. Standing in front of the computer or TV in the wee hours will not be beneficial, even if we have whitened with the highest quality regenerating cream, because during the night wakefulness, in the body is formed the hormone cortisol, which destroys the skin cells. To achieve the opposite effect – intensive regeneration of the epidermis, we need the hormone of growth and it is made only during the 7-8 hour full night sleep.


Here is how we can get the maximum benefit for our skin from the nighttime:

● The night shower. Twenty minutes in the shower or tub with warm water are enough to open the pores under the influence of the steam and to clean the dirt in depth. Then the skin is ready for the application of a nourishing cream that we can afford to apply a lot more plentiful than during the day.

● Night care. At night the effect of the nourishing creams is enhanced a couple times because it does not need to compete with the urban dirt, the sun and decorative cosmetics. Cosmetics with vitamins C and E offer the most benefit to the skin if applied a few hours before bedtime.

● Natural moisture to the skin. Most dermatologists advise us to apply a moisturizing cream during the day and at night regenerating cream. Cosmetology care is not however the only way we can deliver moisture to our skin. It is much more efficient to put in your bedroom a humidifier. But it is necessary to clean it often, especially if you suffer from any type of allergy.

● The pillows. The posture in which we spend the night rest is critical. Best affects our beauty the sleep on the back or right side. If you sleep on your belly with face in the pillow, swelling and bags under your eyes in the morning are inevitable, because this distorts the blood circulation.


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