Other uses of the mascara

Image: © Aleksandar Todorovic / Fotolia

How to get the most out of it?


Often after a certain cosmetic product has finished, we are faced with the dilemma of whether to dispose of the packaging or we can use it for one more thing.


Surely the can of hairspray is not very functional, but when it comes to the mascara, do not rush to throw it into the garbage bin.


We present to you the surprising uses of the cosmetic product, to which we owe our long eyelashes, sultry look and mystical vision.


They will definitely come into use, if not now, at a time when you have no eyebrow gel, for example.


  1. Eyebrows

If you have unruly hairs of the eyebrows, you can set the desired shape with a very small amount of mascara. In this way you will be able to simultaneously comb them and give a bit more pronounced color.


  1. Hair shaping

We like the high bun with slicked hair, but somehow it is difficult to collect the rebellious short hairs around the face. Here to help you out comes the brush from the finished mascara. Wash well from the cosmetic product and spray with a hairspray. Then go through the rebellious strands and enjoy the long lasting effect.


  1. The perfect mascara

Have you ever liked the brush from one mascara but the formula of another, competitive brand? The solution is very simple – use the best of both. Place the brush in the new mascara or immerse it in the other vial only during the application.


  1. Condition of the eyelashes

The castor oil is known as one of the safest ways to enhance the hair growth. But when it comes to the eyelashes, things are a bit more complicated. The applying may cause eye irritation if it is not done precisely. For this purpose, use a clean brush of mascara, with which you can put castor oil on literally every single hair.


  1. Decorations with nail polish

If you are willing to try new things with the nail decorations, you can use the mascara brush to create abstract visions. Polish the nails in one color and then dip the brush from the mascara into another different one. You can now freely draw on the already dry basis.



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