Painful burning instead of chocolate tan

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We all know what is the theory of getting a healthy tan – in the early days of the vacation we should be exposed to the sun for a short time, thoroughly coated with a high SPF factor and avoid the hottest hours of the day. But in practice we only have a few days to obtain the dreamed chocolate tan and the procedure referred to “familiarization” with the sun seems hopelessly slow. So often we decide to skip some stage.


For example, in our gluttony we spend an entire day on the beach, we “estimate” it will not be fatal if we directly use the tanning oil or give up the umbrella, because sitting under it seems really useless. These really are shortcuts, but not to the chocolate complexion but to the painful burning. If you have experienced it on your back (quite literally), it is clear that the warnings and the rational arguments have failed. On the agenda is how to relieve the consequences with the least possible damage.


  • The compresses with cool yogurt are means tested for the relief of the irritation and itching. Milk proteins and probiotics contained in it, form on the skin a protective layer, retain moisture in it, and help it to recover faster.


  • The best remedy against inflammation is the gel with Aloe. In the very first seconds of its application, it will cool the skin and will moisten it in depth. This plant has the ability to stimulate the production of new cells and with its help the epidermis will quickly recover. So the first few days after the burning, apply the gel several times a day.


  • The UV rays damage not only the surface layer of the skin but also the deep tissues which they attack with the generated free radicals. To prevent more serious damage in the future, take drinks that contain many antioxidants as green tea and freshly squeezed juices.


  • When the burnt epidermis starts to peel, replace the gel of aloe with a more greasy body lotion. However it is too early for scrubs and other peeling agents (alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamin A) as the pink skin that protrudes below is too soft and these means can strongly irritate it.


  • And of course, the most important thing is not to allow a new burning. No matter how sad you feel you will have to refrain from the beach for a few days. Do not think that if you hide the injured area with a blouse or other garment, you can safely stay on the beach. The fabric lets through about 10-15% of the UV rays, but even the strong heat is sufficient to delay the recovery of the skin.


Maybe this deferral will put an end to your dream of chocolate tan, but do not be unreasonable. Because without healthy skin, the beautiful tan is impossible.


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