Photo epilation of the face

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Photo epilation is a great way for hair removal. The procedure is painless and simple. It poses no threat to the health of your skin, it does not interfere with pigmentation, it does not cause infections and takes very little time. Hairs begin falling out immediately after the procedure and depending on their thickness are completely gone in anywhere from a few days to a month.

What does photo epilation of the face entail?

Before the procedure a dermatologist will interview you, asking some questions about your overall health or any conditions you may be suffering form.

After that it’s down to business.

The area that will be epilated is marked off with a white pencil. This is done in order to avoid removing hairs that are not supposed to be removed, otherwise the face will seem “chopped off” and your hair will look like a wig.

A pain relieving gel is applied to the skin and the process begins. If you have ever removed hair with a wax mask before you will be able to imagine the feeling – a momentous stinging sensation which disappears even before you are aware of it.

The most painful area for treating is the upper lip.

Only 8-10 illuminations are needed in order to achieve full effect. Fortunately, hairs disappear without a trace.

Another plus for this procedure is that it has no unpleasant after effects whatsoever – the skin is not irritated beyond a little reddening which disappears in about an hour.

However this seemingly ideal procedure has its cons too.

Reappearing hairs should not be plucked out or shortened. The process may take 3-4 procedures in order to be considered complete, and in some cases up to 7. All procedures are done with a big interval of rest between them. After each procedure less and less hairs will appear. If you are lucky, the effect will last about 5 years, but no one can say for sure how long it will take before your hairs start growing again.

You should take extra care to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun for a few days after the epilation using sunscreen products with an SPF higher than 25-30.


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