Reshaping your face with powder

Image:© seprimoris/Fotolia

A beautiful face is considered the one which has an oval shape and symmetrical proportions. While some people are naturally blessed with the ideal shape, others need the aid of makeup to reshape their face as close to the perfect as possible. In this endeavor, foundation and face powder can work wonders. Their purpose is not only covering up the small blemishes and evening out your complexion, but also highlighting some features while softening others.

The square face

The square face has a broad forehead and chin line. The application of darker face powder should start at the temples with strokes in the direction of the chin. Then cover the center of the forehead. Finally dab some powder over the chin and the area around the eyes.

The round face

This shape is characterized with full, rounded sides, a short, broad forehead and a round chin. Start applying powder at the temples with short downward strokes extending to the middle of the cheek. Also cover the tip of your nose and chin and the area underneath your eyes.

The pear-shaped face

This face has a broad jaw line and chin, while the forehead is small and narrow. Apply the darker powder along the jaw line, also in the middle of the forehead and the tip of the chin.

The heart-shaped face

This is a face which has a small, narrow chin, a broad forehead and rounded cheekbones. Apply darker powder from the temples to the cheekbones and continue covering the face with a lighter tone.

The long face

This face shape has a high forehead and a strongly defined jaw line. When using face powder you have to be careful not to make your features seem rough. The best option is to use bronzing powder on your chin and cheekbones stroking outward.


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