The skin needs water

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Cosmetic companies today offer a myriad of products which claim to moisturize the skin, so you have no excuse to let your skin dry out. Moreover, you should be extra attentive to its thirst because dry skin is quicker to age.

At what age should you start hydrating your skin?

There is no defined age for this. Hydrating requirements are very individual. Young women and even girls can often have dry skin. You are the best judge of your skin, because you can feel its dryness better than anyone else. If you feel pain, pulling or flaking, your skin is thirsty. It needs water in order to become smooth and beautiful. Of course, the more your skin ages, the more dehydrated it gets, so you should take precautions in time if you wish to preserve its youth. And another thing: the active elements in anti-aging lotions are more effective on a skin with normal moisture levels.

Does your skin need night hydration?

Yes it does, because the skin regenerates most actively during the night. This is the time when new cells are produced. This is also why the skin gets most dehydrated in the period between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM.

Do all skin types suffer from dehydration?

The sebum, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands, is found in larger quantity in oily and mixed skin types, but this has no effect on the skin’s hydration. The skin gets thirsty because of other factors – cold, contamination, improper cosmetic care, UV rays, etc. These are factors that affect all skin types, yet dry skin is most vulnerable.

What do hydrating lotions offer?

They activate the skin’s natural water retention and stimulate the production of lipids (fats) in the skin cells, which facilitate the natural process of hydration.

Is it true that in order to have beautiful skin one needs to be happy and not stressed out?

Dermatologists from the California University have determined that too much stress is bad for your skin. The opposite is also true – the feeling of happiness has a positive effect on the skin, because it stimulates the production of beta-endorphins (pleasure hormones) in the skin cells as well as in the brain. This certainly helps for the beauty of your skin and its healthy hydration.

How to care for your skin at a certain age?

You are 25 years old

Your main task is to retain the youthfulness of your skin. Your lotions should have vitamins A, C and sun protection elements among their ingredients. They will preserve the skin from the harmful effects of the free radicals, which are responsible for the premature aging.

You are 30 years old

This is a wonderful age. You are at the peak of your strength. For your skin, however this is the time when decline begins. The outer skin layer regenerates itself every two weeks when you are 15, but at 30 this process takes twice as long. A lot of dead cells pile on the surface of the skin making it rough and decreasing its brightness. Pigmentation spots often appear. This is why you should cleanse your face twice each day with mild cleansers. Once a week apply a mask for oily skin. You can use either commercial products or homemade recipes. Your lotions should contain vitamins A, C and E as well as sun protection factors and fruity (alpha-hydroxyl) acids, which simultaneously cleanse and moisturize the skin.

You are 40 years old

You are now in a mature age. Your skin needs special attention. It no longer produces collagen as actively as it used to. The hormonal changes of menopause that usually take place in the 40s are nothing to look forward to. What should you do? Well, you have to do something because doing nothing will definitely not help. Use age-appropriate cosmetic products. Clean your face with gel cleansers designed for sensitive skin. Don’t forget scrubbing. Do it twice or three times a week. Use products with a lifting effect every day for several months. They will restore some of the elasticity of your skin. Give yourself a month of rest and then start using these products again.


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