Makeup as a gift (part one)

Buying yourself a new lipstick or mascara is a great therapy, but makeup is also a good idea when you are picking out a gift for a girlfriend. If you want to surprise the woman who is always so quick to give you a shoulder to cry on, here is a list of makeup suggestions according to their rating. Continue Reading →

Techniques for applying lipstick

According to professional makeup artists, the best way to create the sensual lips effect is to apply the lipstick directly out of the stick. Using your fingers or a brush will dilute the color which defeats the purpose. Here are some more advices on making your lips beautiful: Continue Reading →

Reshaping your face with powder

A beautiful face is considered the one which has an oval shape and symmetrical proportions. While some people are naturally blessed with the ideal shape, others need the aid of makeup to reshape their face as close to the perfect as possible. In this endeavor, foundation and face powder can work wonders. ... Continue Reading →

Makeup tricks

This is nothing complicated or time consuming. These are tricks you can take full advantage of when creating your own makeup at home. Covering up dark areas Concealer is the product used to mask over the dark areas of your skin. These areas are typically under the eyes, around the nose and mouth. In ... Continue Reading →

Makeup for ladies with dark complexion

Women with darker skin should use golden beige face powder one tone darker than their complexion. Use an even darker tone over the most prominent parts of the cheekbones. The foundation should definitely be of the kind that has nourishing properties. If you have dark eyes and you think they need emphasizing, ... Continue Reading →

What to do if you use too much face powder

Using too much face powder is something that occasionally happens to everyone. If you have accidentally or by misjudgment put too much powder over certain parts of your face do not try to remove it. This will only smudge your makeup and you will have to start all over again. In this case simply apply ... Continue Reading →