The acne on your face shows what you are suffering from – A manual for self-examination

Image: © Artem Furman / Fotolia

If you have acne on the forehead, the chin, cheeks or other parts of the face, this indicates some issues that perhaps you are not aware of. If it appears at the base of the nose, this means that you have a problem with your liver.


Here is a short guide, which can give you some points to a possible problem.


Acne on the forehead

The digestive system: reduce the intake of processed foods, fats and increase the amount of the water you drink during the day.


Acne around the eyes and eyebrows

The kidneys: The acne and everything else that occurs around the eye area (including shadows under the eyes) indicates dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.


Acne on the base of the nose

The liver: Reduce the alcohol, the greasy foods and dairy products. This is an area on which appear scars that show an allergy to some food. Exercise daily, walk in the fresh air and get enough sleep.


Acne on the cheeks

The respiratory system: Do you smoke? Do you have allergies? This will affect these areas of the face.


If either of these is not an issue, then do not let your body overheat. Eat more cold food, reduce your sugar intake and walk more often in the fresh air. Also avoid meat, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Add more vegetables in your diet.


Acne on the chin

The hormones: The acne in this area shows stress and hormonal changes. And while both of those are sometimes unavoidable, nevertheless, you can reduce them if you get enough sleep, drink more water, eat a lot of vegetables, keep your skin clean and of course try to be positive and avoid being stressed. Yet another interesting fact is that the acne in these areas also shows the ovulation (and on which side of ovaries it occurs).



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