The eye makeup brushes which are good to have

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Forget about the shabby little applicators that came with your eye-shadow kit. Makeup brushes create a much better coverage and a more natural effect. Check out this list of the basic makeup brushes every woman should have in her boudoir.

  • A universal makeup brush. This is a medium sized brush used for the application of light or base colors.
  • A small shadow brush used for applying the main colors.
  • A round brush for the lines at the edge of the lashes and for applying bright, vibrant colors.
  • A blending brush. This brush is used to soften the lines between shadows in different tones and to give your makeup a finished look.

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How to apply eye shadows?

  • Using the universal brush, apply the lighter tones beginning at the line of the lashes towardс the eyebrow. Soften the color using the blending brush.
  • Use the small brush to apply the main color over your lid, starting at the inner corner of the eye and drawing outward. Try not to keep the brush in one place for too long in order to avoid caking or using too much makeup. Blend the color again with the blending brush.
  • Apply the contour color (usually the darkest one you are using) with the round brush. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and draw a horizontal V-shaped arch along the line of the upper and lower lashes. You can point the tip of the V upward a little bit. Soften with the blending brush again.

A piece of advice: always begin your makeup with the lightest tones and then add the darker ones. If you want a more intense color moisten your brush slightly with a drop of water, but never moisten your blending brush.

Of course, there are no precise rules when it comes to designing your makeup, but the advice listed above will help you create a dramatic appearance without stepping over the border of permissible or looking like an amateur.


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