Tips on how to prepare your skin for the cold months

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Prepare your skin for the cold winter months and the beautiful snowy days


Now that suddenly the weather got pretty cold it is very important to prepare your skin for the cold autumn and winter days. Why the cold air tends to dry the skin, should every woman comply with this moment and is now there necessarily a need to change your cosmetics?


Under the influence of the cold the skin of the face changes and in this aspect we will talk about what is best for it.


Remember that the summer cosmetics are no longer suitable for the autumn-winter season.

You need to buy other creams, lotions, tonics and powder which to use during the cold days, but the most important thing is to comply them with your skin type which may be dry, oily or combined.

Furthermore, do not rush to buy the most expensive cosmetics for face but first refer to what is written on the label.


In the cosmetic products that you buy for the cold days there should be no benzoyl peroxide, sulfur and salicylic acid because these three substances lead to further drying of the skin and in this sense the epidermis can begin to peel.


Avoid during the winter alcohol-based tonic for the cleaning of your face, because it further leads to dry skin and during this period do not ever use too hot water to wash the face, just warm.


Furthermore forget about the exfoliating preparations that you use for the face because they are completely contraindicated for the cold days.


Special attention during the cold months you should also pay to your lips, because under the influence of the cold, they often get cracked. Use bio-based lip balms and in the evening you can smear them with a little honey for 10-20 minutes. It actively absorbs into the skin of the lips and helps to make them smooth and soft again.


Only in this way you can have beautiful skin during the cold winter days!



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