True Perfection – Kiwi rejuvenates the facial skin of every woman

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Kiwi for the face – fresh, young and perfect skin


Extremely appropriate for a large percentage of ladies is the use of kiwi for the skin of the face. The procedures are more than easy and at the same time very effective for achieving amazing results at home. The wonderful fruit is rich in vitamin C. It is important both for the beauty and the overall health of the body.


With its help are made facial masks with a strong effect on the skin. We will present you several masks for different skin types. All of them act strikingly, and in a short time you will get rid of all the imperfections.


Kiwi for the face – mask against enlarged pores


You need kiwi and lemon. Both products work extremely well for problems with enlarged pores and oily skin. Take 1 kiwi and add a few drops of lemon to it. The kiwi must be blended well in the blender. The mask is applied to a cleaned face. Leave for the next 10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


Kiwi for a face without wrinkles


One kiwi is prepared and made in puree (peeled of course). Add half a teaspoon of yoghurt and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the three products and apply on your face for about 15 minutes. Your skin will look much better, smooth, clean, nourished and without wrinkles.


Kiwi for the face – mask for glowing skin


Make the procedure in the evening. Take some almonds and soak them in fresh milk. They should soften well. In the morning grind them to a paste. To the almonds, add one kiwi that you have previously blended.

The mask is placed on the face for 15 minutes and washed away. The almonds will enrich your skin with Vitamin E, and thanks to the kiwi it will be provided with vitamin C. You will get beautiful and glowing skin with a minimum of effort on your part. Try it today.


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