When to wear smoky eyes makeup

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The smoky eyes makeup has been particularly fashionable the last few years and it seems like this trend in the world of makeup will stay topical for a long time.

Even if you are familiar with the technique maybe you are not sure when the appropriate time is to be with such a makeup. The smoky eyes makeup is appropriate for special occasions and most of all for night and evening events. However, there is still a way to balance it and make it suitable for the every day life.


When to wear smoky eyes makeup
With the help of several techniques the smoky eyes makeup creates a passionate and interesting look. Smoky eyes are usually created through several shades in the darker colors of the palette. After you do it the effect is flaming and mysterious. Usually it is appropriate for the following cases:

* Formal evening event
* Stage presentations
* Discos, night bars

* Summer beach parties
Even though it leads the charts for the sexiest makeup (together with the “cat eyes” trend), it can be transformed for the daily life as well.

Work with neutral colors:
You can create sexy eyes with the lighter color palette for everyday smoky eyes makeup. Instead of using the traditional black and gray shades choose ivory or bronze.


Use thicker colors:

Instead of putting on layers you can work with only one color in medium shades for cleaner look during the day. Think of the brown color, if you have blue or green eyes and walnut color if your eyes are brown.
Do not forget, no matter when and how you would prefer the smoky eyes makeup, the rest of the makeup should be neutral, your lips should be with clear lip gloss, the cheeks – with a natural shine. Remember that when wearing smoky eyes makeup that means you want to attract attention to your eyes.



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