Your makeup should be determined by your skin type

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Using the right makeup for your skin type can save you a lot of trouble and resources by keeping your skin healthy and maintained.

The basic skin types are oily, dry, combined, normal and sensitive. Each one of these skin types has its requirements not only for the white cosmetics, but also for the makeup. So what kind of decorative cosmetics should be used for your particular skin type?

Oily skin

Choose foundation which does not contain fats, because they will clog the pores and further grease your skin. Avoid using creamy blush and eye shadows, because they contain more fats than the powder varieties. They also tend to cluster over the eyelids soon after the application. Your face powder should have a matting effect. It should also protect your skin from the environmental hazards without clogging the pores. For this skin type it is especially important to remove your makeup every night in order to prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads.

Dry skin

Quite the opposite of the oily skin, your foundation has to hydrate your skin, making it smooth and improving its elasticity. Same goes for the eye shadows – the creamy ones are most suitable for you. Eye makeup is usually quick to disappear when applied to dry eyelids, which is why you should use eye foundation to make your makeup more lasting.

Combined skin

The best option for combined skin is to use two kinds of foundation with different texture – fat-free, matting foundation for the T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) and a moisturizing foundation for the outer parts of the face which are prone to dryness. You need balance in the eye makeup too. Eye shadows should be neither too greasy, nor too dry. Just like the oily skin type, your skin needs to be carefully cleansed before and after applying makeup.

Normal skin

Normal skin prefers a light, moisturizing foundation, but is agreeable with all kinds of eye shadows and blush. Keep a lookout for your skin’s moisture levels in order to determine whether to use creamy or powder makeup.

Sensitive skin

Most cosmetic experts recommend that if you have sensitive or problem skin, you should not be reaching towards the makeup bag at all. However, your skin does need protection from the harmful environmental influences. Look for foundation, powder and eye makeup that contain minerals. These mineral-based products allow the skin to breathe while protecting it from bacteria and fighting inflammation.


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